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Necklaces Range

Sterling Silver and Gold Plate Necklaces

Reeves & Reeves’s range of necklaces for women can be found on our website both in Sterling Silver and Gold plate finish. Thanks to our timeless design, they easily fit any occasion and can please almost any style. So, whether it's sterling silver or blinged-out with gold plating, each necklace brings its own unique charm, perfect for rocking any occasion or mood.
Check out our amazing selection of necklace designs, from timeless classics to fun animal-themed pieces, cool origami-inspired styles, and even personalized goodies. Each necklace is a total game-changer, adding that extra spark to your look.
Our chains can be adjusted to fit your size and taste (regular chain sizes vary from 16’’ to 18’’ or for long necklaces, from 24’’ to 30’’, depending on the model you choose) and for most of the items, you can select between sterling silver and gold-plated metals.

If you have any queries regarding our pieces, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have. At Reeves & Reeves, we value every single client, and we will always do our best so you can have a great experience when purchasing our sterling silver and gold plate jewellery.